Did you get a call from 000-000-0000 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
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Sean Thacker
    Hi Josie,We had a blast in Egypt last week. The resort was spectacular and we will once again be booking with you guys for August 2010. Regards,Sean
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Justin Spencer
    Hi Michael,thanks for all your help in sorting out our accomodation. will upload the photographs and email you , tracey and i had an absolute blast. Thanks to suncrest holidays
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Jonathan Higgins
    Had an awesome vacation in Spain. The accomodation was just GBP 20.00 and it was 5 star. I would recommend all my friends and family. Jonathan
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pam powell
    how can i stop these annoying calls?
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Richard kwabi
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So Cal
    Got a call from this number at 3;00 today, Pacific time.  When I answered there was a delay as if it was from an autodialer.  They never connected, so I hung up.  Four minutes later I got a call from the same number, same delay, but this time they connected.  The caller said he was from Triangle Centers Home Improvement.  Since I'm on the National Do Not Call registry, I asked what number he was calling from.  He hung up on me.
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    I have been getting calls from 000-000-0000, keep saying hello, hello and nothing, then they hang up.I wish they could be blocked.  They are annoying.
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    I just got this call, it was a horrible connection, sounded like I was on a time-delay speakerphone as I could hear all of my responses, some woman on the other line, sounded like she was asking if I spoke Spanish (I do, but very, very little, and I'm not Hispanic).  After a couple of "hellos", I hung up.  Caller ID came up as unknown name.
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    no message
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    I've been receiving calls from this Id for about a month now. Finally I was able to get someone to slip up and tell me they were calling from Heart Check America (formerly Colorado Heart & Body Imaging). Colorado Secretary of State has them on file with an address of 2490 West 26th Ave Suite 110-A Denver CO 80211and an office number of 303-433-2300. The person who filed the LLC is Sheila Haddad and there is also a Sheila Dang on the documents with and address of 7083 Hollywood Blvd #180 Los Angeles CA 90028.I am on the Do Not Call list and yet they persist in repeatedly calling my number even after I've advised them of that AND they received their copy of Colorado's do not call list in March.I do not have access to my databases from home, but I will be happy to post the names, addresses, home, office, and cell phone numbers of all known associates of this company when I return to work next week. Perhaps when they start receiving unwanted calls on their phones, maybe they'll think twice about their marketing methods.
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    Hey, I actually work for a company who uses numbers like these.... Unfortuantely it is out of my control. The reason we are told they come up as all zeros is because we work of a dialer system through a computer program so it is not tied to an actual phone... It is horrible, I know and we complain about it all the time because our job is to help credit unions gather feedback for the instatution to make improvments.... How do they expect us to do this when they cant even post the company we are calling from... it is so stupid.
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Sharon trying to be director
    Suncrest Holiday is a  scam, they are snatching the money from customers by doing fraud. Now they can be contacted on 1216302795. They just change their number and name to do a new fraud with customers.If someone has been charged from these people or any money is taken out by them, please do not forget to post your name and contact number at here so that we can call you back and help you to get your money refunded. You can also directly approach to your credit card company and ask for refund/charge back as its a simple fraud.We are also going to provide the youtube video link wherein they tried to cone the people in Ireland, UK and Australia. You will also have the link of their Great Getaways fraud which they did in Australia and is covered by a reporter from the channel 3NEWS. You can also find this on google by just putting great getaways scam.REMEMBER YOU CAN GET YOUR REFUND IF THE TRANSACTION IS DONE IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS OR 180 DAYS. ITS YOUR RIGHT.
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