Did you get a call from 01792720043 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
Update Time:2010/3/15 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Called today, hung up after 3 rings, no message left.
Update Time:2010/3/11 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I was called today by 01792720043. The person calling me used my name. He said had I had my full government grant towards insulation. I said no, but as I had not applied for one was not surprised. He said, in that case you won't be interested in insulation and put the phone down.I called 1471 for the number and then called that number. A message came on saying this phone number was not allocated to anyone at the moment and if I wanted it I should go to aql.com/telecoms.How are these people using this number if aql who own it say it is not in use?
Update Time:2010/3/10 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I have had a call on my phone from the above number at 15:20 today.  A man asked for me and then when I said yes he put the phone down his end.I dialed 1471 and found out that the number was not taken and I could buy this number if I wanted.I am worried I am compromised as I have been on line banking today.
Update Time:2010/3/8 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    rang for times between 6.00 and 7.00 get it sorted hung up as i answred
Update Time:2010/3/3 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Recieved two calls from this number on two successive days at the same time, early afternoon, only rings for a few moments
Update Time:2010/2/12 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    This lot have phoned lots of times, aparantly it's an insulation company. Needless to say they won't be insulating anything in my house.
Update Time:2010/2/11 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Mike Yeats
    Received one call around 1.00 p.m. and another late this afternoon (could not get to the phone in time to answer it) but no message left so I have no idea what the purpose of the call might have been.
Update Time:2010/2/10 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    phone put down when I picked up
Update Time:2010/2/9 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    These people cold-call about insulation and government grants of 100% that are alledgedly available. They do not consult the TPS list as any reputable company would do. Have nothing to do with them.
Update Time:2010/2/9 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
matt Wignall
    I have found this on the internet, apparantley this kind of thing is happening all the time...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caller_ID_spoofing
Update Time:2010/2/8 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Oh the joys of call barring. Costs me £3.00 per month but well worth the money. Cant believe anyone would fall for these muppets.
Update Time:2010/2/8 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    We're sorting all this out in May, when our contract ends with BT. Who needs a land line? T-mobile offers unlimited land line calls, unlimited mobile calls to any network, unlimited texts, and they will provide the mobile phone, all for £25 + vat per month. Goodbye BT, and goodbye ignorant callers.
Update Time:2010/1/29 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
upset lady
    got a call from this number yesterday. they say they want to talk to me about a grant on behalf of government.  i said we are in the middle of an emergency and please get off the line.  the girl said it will only take 15mins  i said we are waiting for an ambulance  the girl said her call was very important and that it would save me money.    i put phone down  got two more calls from them in the time we waited for the ambulance.                    do these people have no respect, or understanding blocking up the telephone while we wait for help in an emergecy situation, we dare not egnore the phone
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