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sally steveson
    Hi this number  08456088556 is the benefits enquire line numbers for eastbrook court in bradfordthe people that work for DWP who do not prosses peoples claims and make people waite too long for there  money that they are due when they don't get there money on pay day when there have sign on and  changing all there telephone number so people do not get through so they can get the money that they are due  and lying to people all the time and treating people like s**t when they sign on  these bastards know that they is no work out there for people yet they put pressure in people to finding work knowing that they is no work out there for folk I myself sign on this week and a fortnight go and still not had no money from the bastards as they think people she suffer all the time as these people know your situation and think it god dam f***ing funny to take the piss out of people  now am f***ing in debt because of those f***ing evil bastards.0800 917 6069  0800 0320 83 47  Does not work as you just get tone sound  and this one is for an different company   0800 00 00 550 66 88.BASTARDS.
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