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Update Time:2013/9/21 16:17:33 | Call Type:Unknown
    I recieved a call from a lady who obtained my phone number and contact information from Monster.com where I posted my resume. I recieved an interview and messeges from this number 111)044-0101, and from an email from hiringmanager_nova from a female profile named Lori. She stated to hire me for an at home medical account business and she gave instructions to train and develop a home office. She sent a money order and had me deposit and then send the monies to a Nancy Ryoo in Atlanta via Western Union for training materials. SHe specified to me to cash it at my bank and guaranteed it was not fraudulent as it was from Morgan Chase Bank. She lied and the check had a fraudulent ABA number and Account number and was returned. The bank debited my account the $1900.00 and I am out the funds. I called the number (111)044-0101 and found this to be a fraudulent number used in alot of scams as noted on many web sites. no answer. Later IMs revealed actual responce was "you will never get in trouble for doing the right thing". These people are prying on people looking for work on monster.com and other employment websites. Hopefuly this helps i do believe this person is defrauding and laundering money. I hope this helps others to beware.
Update Time:2011/10/20 4:18:00 | Call Type:Telemarketer
    A man claiming to be a Dr. in Lewisville, TX has been telling me he would pay me $900 a month for simple bookkeeping. Finally got him to call my cell phone and found the number to be in Nigeria. I Called Dr. he was pretending to be and the Dr. had no clue about the scam
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
very unhappy
    Yes, I have received yahoo im and text from a guy who claimed to be in FL, said he was a contractor who build bridges and roads,  got a contract and went to Malaysia, said he loved me, etc, etc. asking for money. sent photos of himself and some of a "daughter" named Jane. Said his name was Gary Bliss.
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Boyfriend discovers
    111-044-0101 (text)appears on my girlfriends cell phone from May27,2010 to May 28 2010, shortly thereafter a tel # area code 717-xxx-xxxx stating at 2:00 A.M. continues on / off for a period of 10days and counting well over 1200 texts recieved / sent. At first it began in the early A.M. hours12, 1, 2 A.M. and sporadically covered the morning and daytime hours.      I believe that the 111-044-0101 is a source link but from where or what? From the first intro then the sender probably identifies themselves with a tel # for a more privateone-on-one intense back and forth texting.Some date chat-line ?Caller: 111-044-0101
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Haved received several text messages stating: allyupchurch:just wanted to see how u were doin. and allyupchurch:hiya big big bro. Whatcha doin?
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
be carefull
    I received a call yesterday from a women i have been chatting with claiming to live oversees, UK london. sent me pictures ect... claiming tro love me... yahoo screen name laurenclifton30. yesterday see wanted money for her grandmother operation. because i did not respond; they tried calling me and Screwed up because i received another call with in minutes from same number from yahoo screen name linda.jerry22. the crazy thing is she asked for 2000.00 dollars.Caller ID: 111-044-0101
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I spoke to someone as well they had me do the same thing,he told me his name was Charles Baldwin from rotary international I'm going to report it to year police
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    My sister was receiving messeges from this number and the man said his name was paul smith. he asked her to give him her address and gave her instructions; he would send her a money order and have her cash it keep $100 and send the remaining amount to Tech Store via Western Union. He specified to her she had to cash it at her bank and nowhere else. he actually sent the check via FedEx from a name Richard Daley at 2600 Mountain Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122, i reverse looked up the address and it gave me a dealer by the name of Bulls Eye Auto Sales. I called the number (410) 437-0991 no answer.I played the part of being my sister and asked the man if i would get in trouble his actual responce was "you will never get in trouble for doing the right thing". After about an hour of getting information from him i finally let him know i was not my sister and if he wanted his money to give me an address to return the check or i would contact the police; he very willingly gave me a second address to return the check; 555 anderson st, elizabeth city, nc 27909. hopefuly this helps i do believe this man is trying to launder money
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    The idiot that sent me a text from this number put an ad on Craigslist for a homebased admin assistant for a property manager that owned various properties in US and UK.  He calls himself Cane Smith of Cane Smith Industry.  Wanted me to open a yahoo messenger account so that he could instant message me throughout the day for assignments.  He wouldn't answer any of my questions but wanted me to take a check that he was going to be sending to me via UPS to my bank, purchase some equipment that I still needed to assist him with his business and send the rest to him via Western Union.  Yeah right.  This would have ended up with me having a returned check days later and equipment I didn't need.  Definite scammer.  I would love to know who to contact in regards to this time waster that will eventually get someone to do this invalid task.  Does anyone know who to contact for these internet fraud scams?
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Did you get pictures from her?  If you did, was it her on a blue motorcycle?
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Don't be takin in by this woman its a scam
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Lisa,Did you find out the Name of the woman your husband was cheating with? This sounds like the same woman who took money from me in a scam.
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:08:59 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    this is the number a woman my husband is cheating with..it is a Y! text..meaning an IM from Yahoo...they have 4800 text messages betweent the two of them in 3 months...
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