Did you get a call from 201-297-4340 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
Update Time:2010/8/16 5:09:39 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Steph C
    Rings twice then hangs up.  I have not answered.
Update Time:2009/1/30 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Just got a call. The man said he represents the US Department of Education. He was asking to confirm the last 4 digits of social security number, which were not mine but I did not confirm. Who are these guys?
Update Time:2008/11/7 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I am getting calls from this number, twice this week, they hang up when I answer????
Update Time:2008/7/31 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    This is a collection agency.  They are in violation of the law.  I am not the person they want to collect from and they continue to call.  I am filing against them.  They are also discriminatory to the Gay Community.
Update Time:2008/7/16 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    it is van ru credit corporation. They are a collection agency that attempts to collect student loans
Update Time:2008/4/3 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I suspect it's one of the many collection agencies.  People with debts often leave false numbers behind to hide their trail.  And sometimes it's yours, unfortunately.
Update Time:2008/3/28 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    This must be a scam.
Update Time:2008/3/26 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Called and asked for Isaac.  Apologized when I told them they had the wrong number.
Update Time:2008/3/14 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    rings twice and hangs up.rinse and repeat.
Update Time:2008/3/9 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Jose Narof
    Calls, never leaves message. I have never answered.Called in late 2007. Have not heard from them in at least 2 months.
Update Time:2008/3/4 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Caller claimed to be representing the Department of Education and wanted to verify the last 4 digits of my social security number.  The numbers given to verify were incorrect.  I did not give the correct numbers.  Person was nervous and hard to hear at times.  They could not or would not tell me if it was the state or federal Department of Education. I thanked them for the call and hung up.
Update Time:2008/3/3 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Same thing here.  Calls and hangs up.  Mine is my personal cell phone.  Hope they arent able to get anything from me answering and them hanging up.
Update Time:2008/2/15 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Based on the other comments this must be someone with too much time on their hands. Recd several calls from this #. Regardless of how many rings they always hang up when I answer and never leave a message if I don't.
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