Did you get a call from 206-801-5278 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
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Thomas Kielbasinski
    Call local police, get these phone numbers blocked on your phone number, call fbi and file complaints against these people.
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    I finally stopped getting calls from those mofos because I cursed them out up and down every single hour of the day on Monday.  As a matter of fact, if you dial that 206 number now you will hear a recording directing you to leave a message.  Other than receiving a good cursing out, somebody must be on to them for them not to be answering the phone.  I told them to shut up talking that stupid shat  Google their number and see what comes up.  Maybe they did that and know we got 'em beat - who knows.  It sure helps to get the word out.  I spoke with a detective from my local police department and he suggested that I file a complaint with www.ic3.gov.  The investigating agencies are the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center.  I do not know if they will be interested in my claim since their was no monetary loss.  But maybe they have received enough complaints about this bogus company that they will look into it.  Yes "jen", this is another good reason not deal with those internet payday loan companies.  Actually, a representative from the compnay that I used was very instrumental in "saving my life."  I was going through a lot of turmoil last week that I was so physically and mentally ill on top of dealing with pneumonia.  She really clued me in to what was going on.  Glad that's all over with.
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    cant the cops do anything to these mofos they called me to today they said that they had a investigation open on me. the fbi should do something about it they are using a phone line from the usa  and they are people from other country
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    I got the same number calling me and also 975-919-7439 with the same, very thick middle eastern accent claiming the same thing.  DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION TO THESE PEOPLE!  If you get these calls, get a copy of your credit report from all 3 credit companies to find out if they actually have something against you.  When I did speak to someone, they wouldn't identify the company they work for.  After I refused to give them information, they finally said they were a part of "Financial Claim Investigations Department".  When I asked what company they were a part of, he became demanding and would not give me anymore information until I answered his questions.  So, I hung up on him after telling him I would be turning this over to the authorities.  Yet another reason not to do payday loans online.  I've been dealing with these calls ever since I had a payday loan in October which I paid off.
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    Continuously calls and leaves no message.
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mlb with more information
    I received a total of 5 calls this morning reminding me of my unpaid debt and that my case is going to be loaded into the county court.  I gave them a bogus debit card number on Friday to settle my debt.  I know this is just bogus but I am putting the word out.  The calls came from 5 different telephone numbers, one of which is the original one in my message from Friday:  206-801-5278.  The other 4 numbers are:  284-628-4926, 975-183-9320, 88624147800 (too many digits for this one, it showed up on my cell just like that) and 40580162681 (another one with too many digits).  I called all of these numbers and got a recording that the number or code that I dialed was incorrect. Can any one tell me what they did to get these people to stop calling you?  This is getting on my nerves.  I know that they can not do anything but I want to calls to stop.  Any suggestions?
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    Unknown number to me.
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This Just In...
    Consumer Alert: Attorney General warns Kansans of debt collection scamJanuary 29, 2010 -- Attorney General Steve Six is cautioning Kansas consumers about telephone calls from apparent fake debt collectors who are impersonating law enforcement officers in an effort to extort money from consumers.   Consumers are warned to not submit payments to these fraudulent debt collectors.When calling, the scammers most often state they are attempting to collect a debt related to an internet payday loan obtained by the consumer, but which the consumer never repaid.  Consumers state they have never obtained such a loan or paid off the loan years ago.  The scam artists have most recently identified themselves as ACS, National Affidavit Processing Department and United Financial Crime Division, but may use additional phony names.  It appears the phone numbers used by the scammers are “spoofed” numbers, so that the number appearing on a consumer’s caller ID is not the actual number of where the call originated. It appears the calls in question may be originating from outside the United States.When questioned, the individual calling refuses to disclose the full name or address of the collection agency they claim to represent.  These scammers have been able to provide consumers with identifying information, such as the consumer’s social security number, home address, e-mail address, names of family members and the consumer’s computer IP address.  Since the callers are able to provide valid personal information, consumers may become confused and believe they are being contacted in regard to a legitimate debt.If the initial debt collection scam is unsuccessful, consumers have been re-contacted months later with the scammers posing as law enforcement officers or officers of the court.  Typically, the consumer is threatened with arrest for fraud or some other fictitious crime unless the consumer agrees to immediately wire money via Western Union.  The fictitious officers strive to frighten and confuse consumers into compliance by using legal sounding terms such as “We’re filing an affidavit against you” or by stating a lawsuit has been or is in the process of being filed against the consumer.A hallmark of each scam has been calling consumers repeatedly at their place of employment.  This scam hit home when an employee of the Kansas Attorney General’s Office was repeatedly called both on her cell phone and at work.  Despite the employee’s repeated verbal disputes, the caller refused to provide any identifying information to allow her to send a written dispute. The scammer also continued to call her numerous times a day regarding a payday loan she denied obtaining. Two months later, she was again contacted by telephone by an individual identifying himself as an “officer”. “I denied owing the debt and refused to pay without being provided validation of the debt. I was then told, ‘If that’s the case, I will have local law enforcement come to your place of business and drag you out kicking and screaming’,” stated the employee.“It is important for consumers to know their rights under the law,” Attorney General Six said. “If a consumer is receiving calls from a debt collection company and believe it is a scam, I encourage them to contact our office immediately.”Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), collectors are required to send consumers a written notice within five days of the initial contact.  The notification should contain  information such as the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor to whom the debt is owed and a statement informing the consumer they have thirty days to contact the debtor in writing to dispute the debt or request validation of the debt. In addition, legitimate debt collectors are prohibited by the FDCPA from making false or misleading representations, such as the consumer has committed a crime, implying nonpayment will result in the consumer’s arrest, or using the threat of violence.More information is available on the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre27.pdf. To register a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, call 1(800) 432-2310 or visit www.ksag.org.http://www.ksag.org/page/consumer-alert-attor ... collection-scam
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    I got a call from officer robert at my place of employment on Monday, March 8 telling me he had a legal complaint against me.  he too had a strong accent, i could barely understand him and there was a lot of noise in the background; lot of people on the telephone.  i was told to look up this number and now I know that i am not the only one receiving calls from this number.  these people are totally bogus.  if they have your information like they have mine please, please contact your local authorities.  they can tell you what needs to be done.  god bless and please be careful.  i am at my wits end!
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    i just got a call from a officer david nelson asking for my husband, telling me he had a legal complaint against him and needs m husband to call him back before 5 today. he too had a strong accent, i could barely understand him. im glad i looked this number up an know that i am not the only one this number is calling!
Update Time:2010/3/9 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    a mr. nelson called me and siad if i didn't call them back in 2 days there will be a officer at my door step. they call in spurts with a very strong accent and he said he is with the financial crime investigation department but the number that showed up on the phone was unuausl it was missing a number. 05-279-7982 and he has my ss# and my address..... SCARY but the poilce department said it is a scam they get your info from taping into your computer through some payday loan sites. They have called me off and on for about 6 months but they are calling from another country and using a phone number in the us that connects to them.
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    The same thing happened to me.  Is this a scam ?
Update Time:2010/3/4 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I received mulitple phone calls from a person by the name of Officer Nelson, claiming I owe money. Person has a very strong accent and gets all of your information. Please be careful how you send this information out.
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