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Update Time:2013/8/9 17:37:09 | Call Type:Unknown
    Khanh Lam and I started Poka Yoke Design in 2008 as a csoutm web and print design company.a0 Like any small business there has been lots of learning opportunities, but the ride has been amazing.a0 I'm proud to call this company home. a0 The website is a csoutm design by Khanh Lam and an active blog maintained by Quan Lam.a0 We are in the process of scoping out the 3rd iteration of our website and I am excited to show it off.a0 If you need any web or print design done, please give us a shout.
Update Time:2013/7/28 1:02:23 | Call Type:Unknown
    Whose this
Update Time:2009/2/26 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    waz good
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