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Mr Mongo
    I did not receive a call, but a check for the amount of $3,293.00, from JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., of Syracuse, NY. The letter stated that I had to call a number and speak with a Charles Johnson, for further instructions. Letter was from a Natalie Anderson. Letter stated that I was to keep $600 as my salary, $100 for shopping, $2,448 for Western Union plus $125 for fee and a $20 cashier's check for me. Now, why would a check from NY be mailed to me via Canada? I did not call the number, but 'googled' it, and found myself here, reading about all these reported numbers. It almost had me, because, who couldn't use the money right now? This is criminal! It needs to stop and these 'crooks' need to do some hard time.Caller: Consumer Contact Marketing IncCall Type: Survey
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