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Update Time:2013/6/24 11:40:03 | Call Type:Unknown
    This is the 2nd call saying I have been approved for a car loan. The 1st time was about 2 weeks ago and I told him I never applied for a loan and hung up. Last week I even asked for my free credit report thinking that I would see if a dealership somewhere has run my credit check and track this down, but nothing showed up. This time I asked him for his name, he said John ? Since he said there was an application filled out, I wanted to know what dealership is it for and was surprised he mentioned my residential town. Strong Indian accent, hard to understand...I kept asking questions and got the phone # from him, asked to speak to a manager, he said was not available for me to call back later. I hung up and redialed the #, it won't go thru, no ringing at all , just disconnects. I'm nervous thinking what other info he has. (Number reported)
Update Time:2013/2/7 18:15:15 | Call Type:Unknown
Update Time:2009/11/12 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    what company is it
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