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American Citizen
    Gee thanks  I am  getting tired  of this  crap  cant you people find some one else to screw  we qualify  for  nothing  have  two in college 1  jr  in high school  paid for  oldest s child's  on our own I am  glad   i look  before jumping  still it  sucks  good  students  get nothing  because of prejudice scholarship guidelines
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CO Springs public records don't lie
    It scares me how some people think a Google search is due diligence enough to smart a smear campaign of a group that helps so many families.  Before jumping to conclusions maybe you should order the actual documents from Kansas and you will realize it had nothing to do with Circle of Neighbors.  If you look at all the REAL testimonials from families that actually participated in the program you would have REAL information.  Get off your Google and unless you actually know something first hand don’t toss it around so carelessly.  The BBB rating is not an F it’s a B+.  However I am certain you do not rely on this rating as your local Walmart averages an F rating and I would venture to guess you do a lot of shopping there.  I happen to personally know families that are very grateful for the help Circle of Neighbors has provided.  The REAL scoop on Circle of neighbors is in the results.
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Jake in Santa Fe
    Before you waste your time e-mailing "Investigor Johnson," call your local police department. If he can't even spell "investigator" correctly, what makes you think he's got anything else right?
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Ric Flair
    Please take the time to be accurate.  Not only is not F but going on the link you provided it is B+. I have experience with Circle of Neighbors and they provided valuable assistance to college bound students.
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    THIS IS A SCAM!!! They claim they have been in business for over 25 years. Well then why does it say on the state of arizona gov website (link) http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.exe/WSe ... ype=CORPORATION   that they just incorporated this year? Because it is a scam!
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CO Springs public records don't lie
    These people are a SCAM that will try and tell you to hide your hard earned money for your children in Insurance policies to fraud FAFSA. They promote tax evasion and the hiding of cash in Insurance policies that you cannot cash out,that is how they make their money. Tom Occhiuto is Tom Lloyd. His son Justin Occhiuto is Justin Russell. I guess the saying is true,Never trust a man with two first names. The info that they charge you for is public and you can find it for free. Do not sign up as you may be charged for tax evasion by the Federal Government if you do so.
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Jake in Santa Fe
    I received a call and from a local neighbor of mine who has a student who just completed college and has received over $114,000 in money they did not have to pay back.  Don't be fooled by the people who write this tabloid.  What they do is just good sound planning.  Those who post negative information perhaps have never paid a college bill or have some axe to grind.
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David Cook
    Looks like you have too much time on your hands.  Your references are not correct and even a little research by visiting with the organization would tell you they do nothing but help families do what they should do if they knew what to do.  I see some investigator found you out and knows you are a competitor.  What goes around comes around, beware.
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Another Mom
    The fee is $100 per year.  I have 3 kids who have received $11,467, $14,200 and $22,000 per year respectively.  No one ever told us it was free.  My kids did the work and we got the benefits.  Not sure why you would say you don't know anything about it but that you are skeptical.  Not a wise choice but I guess that leaves more for my kids.
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Kevin McConnell
    I received a call but not from this number.  I returned the call and met with a representative.  That was only 3 months ago and my student just received over $72,000 in non loan free gift aid as a result of what Neighbors showed us.  My investigation found Yvonne Henderson as the executive director so those reporting someone else are apparently looking at the wrong information.  I'm guessing some competitor is trying to take business away but hopefully your readers will not buy in without hearing what they have to say.
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better check the REAL facts
    BBB shows it as a B-.  Better check again.
Update Time:2009/9/18 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I just looked and it shows a B-.  What were you looking at?
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mother of five
    No one, in our investigation, has ever portrayed to be a survey.  They always respond to being a community service organization and we have made hundreds of antonymous calls to this organization and none of what you state appears to be true.  Check your facts and email me at falseposts@gmail.com if you want accurate information.  If you speak with someone instead of reading this tabloid you will get accurate information.
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