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Frustrated Office Assistant
    I just got off the phone  with this one... Before i could even say he (the boss) wasn't here, which he actually isn't, he already hung up on me....tehn he had the nerve to call back, so i said Sir did we seem to get disconnected when you called me two secs ago..." Oh i guess we did " he says...DA, we are on to you.....Caller ID: 6102955524
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
mary a
    Got messages where a person was breathing then huffed and hung up.  They have called several times and got thru my phone system to my direct line.  They did speak with my office manager about a month ago and said someone would be in my area the next day and wanted to set an appointment with me.  She said I was not available and we were not interested, but a sales person showed up the next day for an appointment he said was set up with me.  He was told there was no appointment and we were not interested in their "profit analysis".Caller ID: 610-295-5524
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I recevied a call from this number - the man name was Bill Stevens asked if the owner was in the office or in the field.  I told him he is not available can I take a message.  He told me that the owner called him and was returning his call.  Again, I asked if I can take his number have the owner return his call.  He ask for the cell phone and I say I need to know what this was in referenced to and he claimed he did not know since the owner called him.  Yea, sure!  Told him I will have the owner call him back.  He hung up stating he'll wait for him to call him back.  A few minutes later from the same number on another line a call from Larry Davidson asking for the owner making me try to believe that the owner knows him.  He hung up and I called the number 610-295-5524 a women answered stating she is from ITA Busniss Developement- Media.  These people are a pain and unfortnately, they will never get to the owner with me at the phone.  So they should wise up.  These tricks do not work on expereince people who are wise to them.
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Phone rang, I answered "Good morning, W. Rose" like I always do. Some guy says "Yes, I'm looking for Ron?" There are 2 Rons that work for this company, one the owner and one the accountant, and both work out of our home office in Kansas, not here in Philadelphia where this jerk was calling. So I asked "Ron who?" and he said "Ron Meyer", which is the owner. I said he doesn't work at this office. The guy asked if he could have the number to Ron's office and I was in the middle of saying "I'm not permitted to give it out, may I take a message?" when he hung up. I think I got out "I'm not per-" before I heard the phone being hung up very rudely. A**holes. Never got a name from the caller or the company.Caller ID: 610-295-5524
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Received call from 610-295-5524 this morning. Woman asked for (*****owner)I answered -she's not in. Then the woman asked WHEN will she be in - I asked who is calling and what is this regarding - she said Roger Sanders office and that he wants to drop by my office. She said she will call back.  I looked up this number and it is a landline unlisted in Allentown.Caller ID: 610-295-5524Caller: Out of AreaCall Type: Survey
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Received call from 610-295-5524. He said his name was Shawn and asked for my boss by name. He was calling for Scott Martz who suppossibly dropped off some information last week. I know of no visitors that dropped off anything last week by that name.  Very annoying that people resort to this sort of unscrupulous dealings.Caller ID: 610-295-5524Caller: Didn't give name
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    What an attitude.    When I said the owner does not have a three way, and he only calls in for his messages, the woman said How do  I leave a message,  whith you,  that will never happen and hung up!
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
Les Apt
    The man just wanted to have sex with you, Stupid.He knew you were the type.
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I just want to say thanks for your post; you prevented me from making a big mistake.  I almost became a victim to this scam.  Business is slow and they told me all the things that I wanted to hear, they’ll cut my cost, increase profits, bring more customers to me, and yes the original call came from this number.    I then looked a little closer and found that this number is from PA but IPA is in IL, Hmmmm.  So I called IPA and point blank asked them if they originally called me or a service.  Answer – a service company.  I then asked them if they guaranty their claims to increase my bottom line.  WOW did I get the song and dance then.  Thanks your saved me $ and headaches.
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Don’t worry about this dip.  It’s just a call center.  Companies hire them to generate warms leads.  They give you the BS that “John Doe” is going to be in the area tomorrow and would like to meet with you for 5 minutes.  The more leads they get the more money they make.  So don’t worry, your not talking to the person that or company that they claim to be.  In my case I received a call from a true looser claiming to be from International Profit Associates.  I had a lot of fun jerking him around and wasting his time.  Bottom line, these people hide behind the company that they represent, not the company they work for.  The best thing to do is call the company that they claim to be and complain about the calling service that they hired.  That way they will dump that calling service and THEN you’ll be getting the SOB that keeps calling you.Caller ID: 610-295-5524Caller: International Profit Associates IPACall Type: Telemarketer
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    My boss keeps getting calls from this number too, they either hang up or ask for him and then when I ask for a name etc...I get something different every time...or they hang up. Today the guy said his name was Palmer Gibson calling for Rodger Sanders Office. When I ran the name by my boss he had no idea who it was and when I went back to pick up the phone they guy had already hung up. Ridiculous.Caller ID: 6102955524Caller: Rodger Sanders
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Now it's a female named winter thomas! She also knew my first name.
Update Time:8/19/2010 11:26:57 PM | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Haha.. Just got this same call from "Tom Richardson" calling w/ Barry Sanders office in Bethlehem, PA.. What a cocky SOB.. asked the same questions but was so rude.. although he did say thank you before hanging up on me..
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