Did you get a call from 612-256-9958 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
Update Time:2007/12/13 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    got calls from this number more times then I can count. Looking through my cell phone today, I discovered that the phone has an awesome feature. A "reject caller" feature. Just added the number to it so guess what? They can't get through to me anymore......This is a great feature all cell phones should have. The phone I use is the Samsung SGH-A707 and the carrier is AT&T. Check to see if your phone has this feature.You have have it and not even know
Update Time:2007/12/13 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Jo Jo
    Will dial everyday, and does not leave a message.
Update Time:2007/12/13 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    i answered the phone no one answered so i told them answer ur phone firmly and then they hanged up so i call them back by dialing 1 in front of the number and a woman answered but she was mumbling and i didnt hear the company name and told them if they called back i would get them for harrasment!
Update Time:2007/12/12 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    does anyone else have tmobile as a cell provider ???  i get these calls on my cell phone and i just changed my number about 2 weeks ago.
Update Time:2007/12/11 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    DO NOT CALL DO NOT CALL DO NOT CALL DO NOT CAll...I am so annoyed with all of the phone calls I am getting from this number!!!!
Update Time:2007/12/11 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I got a call from 612-256-9958 on my cell phone everyday 4 time daily and  They left no message. This pit is me off.
Update Time:2007/12/8 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Bill Samuel
    I got two calls today from this number.  I did answer the first time, but there was no response to my Hello.  There are a lot of spam artists, both email and phone, who at least claim to be mortgage refinancers, so it doesn't surprise me that some people have gotten indication that's what these folks are (or at least claim to be) peddling.
Update Time:2007/12/5 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
just a teenager!
    New phone, got called 11 times in 2 weeks.  Even after midnight.  Parents angry, not my fault. I don't have any creditors. I'm only 13.
Update Time:2007/12/4 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
fed up
    Indian sounding person with accent so thick that she could barely say the name "Financial Awards Center."  Asked for a supervisor and then threatened to sue them for do not call database violations and they started backtracking saying maybe my number was on there list due to a mistake and I did not need to report them to FTC.  If they aver call you report it to FTC at donotcall.gov.  Maybe we can get them arrested for fraud.
Update Time:2007/11/27 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    They have been driving me nuts.  I decided tonight to go on the offensive.  They are calling my cell and they get belligerent if you ask them to stop calling.Tonight, it's war.  I am going to call that number non-stop from now until 3am.  I finally have a night where I have nothing to do and I am going to just blow up there voicemail and telephone lines.  I encourage others to do the same.
Update Time:2007/11/27 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    same s**t as the others just a different number.... mine!!now it's my turn to load up the voice mail!!
Update Time:2007/11/26 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Got a new phone number a few months ago. Day 1 of having the new number, I received a call from these annoying jerks! I never picked up, but I typed the number in on Google and found this site. I got at least 2 calls a day, at different times, for a few weeks straight. The calls stopped for awhile. Over the last few days they started calling again. I got a call in the middle of a meeting at work today. This company is calling my cell phone (which they can't legally do because I have no business dealings with them). I called T-Mobile to get the number blocked and they said they can't do it. I am shocked. They don't have the technology to block a number? The only solution they offered me was to change my # again. I won't pay to do that because I'm the one getting harassed here! I looked at Verizon just for kicks. They don't offer the service either. I think they just don't want to do it. What the hell can be done about this? It is starting to drive me crazy.
Update Time:2007/11/24 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Fed Up
    I continue to receive calls from this phone no. too.  Doing a google search of Financial Awards Center reveals nothing.  I guess this is a telemarketer.  They don't leave a message; and they don't answer their phone when I call back....go figure. It's annoying.  And, it could be that the caller knows to call only cell phones...using up our cell phone minutes...mmmm, could this be one of the mobile cell phone companies sending out bogus calls to cell phones to burn up minutes??...me thinks me smell a fish (a dead fish)....
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