Did you get a call from 623-242-8696 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
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Have A Heart
    Harold ---www.findtoto.com is exempt from the DO NOT CALL list and laws.The company offers a valuable service to persons whose pet has gotten away from them and is lost.Have a heart and care a little.
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    My number is on the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) national Do Not Call registry.Yesterday, I received a call from this number - 623-242-8696 - FINDTOTO.COM.  Company claims it is on the Do Not Call Registry.  I don't think so!EVERY TIME I receive an unwanted solicitous call - be it a charity/political or not - I report it to the FTC using its online complaint format.  I provide the date, time of the call, what Caller ID displayed and the message if there was one on my voice mail.  I have decided to let the FTC know that people are tired of unwanted calls.If more people would complain, the FTC will take action against these annoying callers.  The FTC does not act on one report alone.  It takes many reports before they will take action.You, too, can submit a report at:        https://www.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx Click on "File A Complaint" on the left side of the web page.Tel. No.: 623-242-8696Caller ID: FINDTOTO.COM
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It Works
    Have you even checked www.findtoto.com's website?I doubt it.If you would do that instead of using vulgar words while being a rude jerk, you would note that this company has aided in the safe return of thousands of pets that have been lost.Think of that next time you pet your cat or dog.  Of course, I doubt you are very caring and probably do not have a pet.
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    Carrie somebody has lost her pet poodle and a reward is offered. If you have any information, call xxx-xxx-xxxx in another fricken AREA CODE and COUNTY! Real fine service they're offering.Caller ID: 1-623-242-8696Caller: findtoto.comCall Type: Telemarketer
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    Called on June 9, 2008.Caller ID: FindToto.com
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Pet Owner
    Bravo to Sylvia.
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    I, too, was ticked off at having received this message cause I thought it was a scam or something. But since the caller ID said Findtoto.com, I checked out their website.  After seeing what they're about, I really don't mind having received this call...heck, if I ever lost my pet, I'd probably be desperate enough to use this service. I figure it wouldn't hurt to help a neighbor; who knows when I might need help from one of mine.If you feel you just could not tolerate another call from them in the future, you can opt out by entering your phone number on their "do not call" list.  It's in the "disclaimers" section of their website.Anyway, I copied and pasted some info from their website below:Welcome to FindToto, a Proactive Service to Find Your Lost, Missing or Stolen PetFindToto is a nationwide alert system for lost and stolen pets that contacts your neighbors so they can look for your missing pet too. Think of it as the “Amber Alert” for lost or stolen pets.How does FindToto work?    * We call up to 5,000 of your neighbors within an hour so they’re on the lookout for your missing pet.    * Your neighbors hear a description of your pet, a number to call with information, and instructions to visit FindToto.com to see a photo.    * If no one is home, we leave a message.    * You choose the number of neighbors you’d like to reach based on your neighborhood.FAQ    *  What hours are the calls made to my neighbors?No calls are made before 9 am Monday through Friday or before 10 am on weekends. No calls are placed after 7 pm Monday through Friday or after 6 pm on weekends.    *  How soon will my alert message be broadcast and how long will it take to notify my neighbors?Once your package has been purchased, pursuant to the hours listed in the previous “bullet point”, MOST OF THE TIME, ORDERS ARE PROCESSED AND ALL ALERT MESSAGES DELIVERED WITHIN ONE HOUR!    *  What if Findtoto.com calls a neighbor that subscribes to The National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry?Our service is classified and registered as an exempt organization by the DNC. As a courtesy to the DNC subscribers, we only use their phone numbers when there are not enough non-DNC phone numbers available to cover your search area. This will be unique to each individual search, depending on your geographical location and the package that you purchased.    *  What if the phone number being called is “busy” or no one answers (neither a person or an answering system)?We call that number four times during our call session in attempt to reach that home. Also keep in mind that many people have Caller I.D. and may very well call us back based on the number they see and we will be happy to direct them to you!Caller ID: Findtoto.comCaller: FindToto
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    Got two calls right after 9:00 am today. Recorded calls should be outlawed!Caller ID: Phoenix AZ
Update Time:2010/8/19 23:27:53 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Looking for lost pet (Cocker Spaniel).Caller ID: Findtoto.com
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Unamused Neighbor
    They may be your neighbors who have lost a beloved pet and want one thing only, to bring their pet home safe and sound.I have received these calls.  Nothing wrong with them.The call service is not soliciting any money.  In fact, many neighbors who have lost a pet give rewards if their pet are safely returned home.What would you do to get your beloved pet home if he or she was lost?Nothing?  I hope that is not the type of person you are.
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    Got 3 calls, all with the same noise described above.  I used *69 and got the number called from as 623-242-8696 but attempted calls back to that number get a "your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again, 043T"Caller: Unknown
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better than you
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Concerned Citizen
    I take it you have never lost a beloved pet.If you have and did not use a service like this, then you let your pet down.  Putting flyers out only is not often an effort that brings ones lost pet home.Listing the pet as lost on craigslist and using services such as www.findtoto.com are additional steps one must take to get their pet back home.Keep that in mind if you ever lose your pet instead of being an insensitive, uncaring person.
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