Did you get a call from 727-712-0382 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
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Irked User
    From reading the other messages, I've not answered any of the 6 calls I've gotten from this number over the past 2 days.  I am curious in seeing that someone else has ordered Time Warner Cable before getting calls from these people.  Though I use my card for just about everything, I certainly just switched to TWC.  Anyone else do business with them before getting these calls?
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Any Mouse
    I'm glad I researched this number ahead of time.  I finally answered the call, they identified themselves as "Quality Resources" and asked if I was .  I responded "Sorry, you have the wrong number" and they politely hung up.  We'll have to see what happens from here...
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    Don't trust this. Anyone trying to give you something for free wouldn't call you 5 times a day when you have never replied back!!!
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    they called me 4 times tonight. I don't ansure # that I don't know. lucky 4 me
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J Reed
    These people called me 10 times in one day! Im not gonna answer no matter how many times you call! Im not interested!
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    First off, the only reason I am on this site, is because I needed to find the contact number for a new job (had to list off previous employer phone numbers), and this is what I stumbled upon.I understand both sides...the workers, and the people being called..I will address the people being called first.The company is NOT a scam. They state everything to you, and its recorded. As much as you may  know about the laws, there is a loop-hole 99% of the time, or you are just not informed as much as you think. They explain everything to you in a RECORDED phone call. Not trying to be stereotypical, but most of the people being called, are the same type of people who order things of the TV at 3 am....Most of those people are elderly, disabled, lower-income, naive people. Most things on TV are junk, and lead to you being offered further junk. If you don't want bothersome phone calls, don't order anything other than reputable, well known places (not saying that ALL reputable companies keep your info private though). Your only other option is if you must have that ''Butt Blaster'' or ''Slap Chop'' or w/e it may be, when you call to place your order, clearly state, ''DO NOT SELL/GIVE/SHARE MY PHONE NUMBER/INFO WITH ANYONE, OKAY?'' Get a CLEAR ''OKAY'' from them. When ordering online, what most of you do not see, is some type of box that is already checked for you to receive ''promotions, offers, etc'' from the company you are ordering from, or their ''partners''...Scroll through the ENTIRE screen and UN-CHECK all boxes like that.Next, by canceling your cc/debit/bank card is a rediculous, rash decision that does NOT need to be made. If you do not listen to the caller, and get to the end of the call and realize you are about to be charged $1.00 or $19.95 or w/e the price is, loudly and CLEARLY say, ''I DO NOT WANT TO BE CHARGED ANYTHING...PLEASE PUT ME ON THE FEDERAL DO NOT CALL LIST''. Now, any sane, clearheaded person should realize before getting to the end of the call that they are about to be charged...if you are part of the 99% of people who are NOT, then say what I instructed (or something similiar), and they cannot charge you...the call is recorded, and you will NOT BE CHARGED! So don't go canceling your card. Even if you go through the entire call, and get sucked into the ''free'' gas, and savings program, and the call is ended and you THEN realize you don't want anything, (or you didn't ''understand'' what they were saying), check your mail, and when the package comes, CALL THE CANCELATION NUMBER, OR, CALL YOUR BANK AND NOTIFY THEM OF THE SITUATION AND ANY CREDIT CARD COMPANY WILL BE HELPFULL AND NOT LET THE CHARGE GO THROUGH! This happens DAILY at QR...(Sales reps get a sheet w/ their sales numbers on it, and say they made 10 sales one day...one of them may not go through b/c a customer called the cc number and made sure the 1$ charge would not go through). Now if you are one of these people who goes 6 months-a year or longer and don't realize you are being charged 19.95+ a month, then I pitty you for your ignorance. When you have ANY type of credit card/account even if you are not charging anything on it, you should still check your statment EVERY time it comes...We all know that companies (cable/internet/banks etc) will try and sneak charges onto you and hope you don't see them, but if you call and dispute it, it is normally not a problem at ALL to have it removed. BUT lets just say you go a year being charged 19.95+ a month, well, QR is not ''scamming'' you, and you have not been ''robbed'' or had your ''identity/card stolen''....you have simply made the mistake of not listening to everything the person on the phone said to you (in a recorded conversation) and you didn't call to cancel something that YOU agreed to...so QR is not going to be in any trouble with the BBB or the FTC or anyone else, because YOU agreed to it (weather or not you say ''well, I didn't understand what they were saying'') So, all you can do is suck it up, learn from your mistake and move on. If you are one of the people complaining that '' you didn't understand what they were saying, and they charged you'', then you should have told the person you were speaking with to SLOW DOWN. Even if you have to say it ten times, say it..because if you let the person talk super fast and over run you, that that is your own fault...the reps are TAUGHT to speak fast, because again, 99% of people are not listening, so you the customer are buying something, and agreeing to it on a recording, and the reps/company are making money from you.Another thing, people coming on here saying ''quit calling me'', that does ZERO good. Your only options are as follows.*Have your name put of the DO NOT CALL list (which is ONLY valid for a year). ALSO, if you request to be put on the DNC on say a Monday, and receive calls on Tuesday, do not think you can sue, or close the company down...it takes at LEAST 72 hours for your name to be filtered out of the computers.*If you agreed to the offer, either pay the 1$, then cancel the membership, or call your bank and freeze the charge. If you are being charged AFTER the 30 day trial (19.95) Again, call and cancel the membership or call your bank.Now, in the customers defense...I understand that they call you unnanounced, over and over again, at ''odd'' times, and are pushy...but to be honest, for the amount of money the employees are paid, they will pretty much do w/e they are told. Just understand that the bottom line is the people calling you are doing their job (weather you think it is moral or not), and they ARE in compliance w/ the law. You will occasionally get a new employee who breaks those rules, and trust me..they are immediatly scolded, and if they do it again, they are fired. Also, it is legal for them to call you from 7am (I think, it may be 9am) until 9pm (10pm in some states)...so those of you on the east coast saying, ''who the heck is calling at 11 30 pm their time, and 8 30 my time'' well, those are the people working night shift (which goes on until 12pm EST. For those of you who are not ansewring your phone, and saying ''they have called me 100 times in a week'' well, they are not doing anything illegal, and until you answer and say ''please put me on your DO NOT CALL list, they WILL continue to call you.Another word of advice, is if they call you, and you answer, and already know you do NOT WANT TO BUY ANYTHING, don't lead the sales reps/verifiers on....I know you want to annoy them as much as they do you, but you are only wasting your time and the employees time...If the minute they call you, you pick up, and ask to be put on the DNC call list, (even if you have to cut them off, or yell or w/e to get a word in) you will be glad you didn't waste 20 min of time, and the sales rep wont feel led on that your going to buy something, then at the end of the sale, they find out you hung up (only to be called yet again, since you didn't ask to be on the DNC list), or canceled the order, and then they get yelled at by managment.Someone was talking about the working conditions...well it is/is not true...its not a sweat shop...I mean they get payed EXTREMELY well. (People with college degrees work there because they make 10times more than working in their trained field) So on one hand its like, you get payed amazing money, but you get treated in less than perfect conditions. I mean think about it, if someone is telling you cannot sit in your own chair, until you make X amount of sales, wouldn't you do w/e you have to (within the law) to make those sales? When I was working there they were just starting all of these weird rules, but one of them was that they cut out lunch...by law they are only required to give you X minutes of break time a day...so they went from giving you say 5, 10 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch a day, to just a few 5 or 10 min breaks, that equaled the minimum amount of break time required by law...So, again, on one hand, your getting payed extremely well, but only certain people can basically ''sell their soul'' for financial security. I can give a word of advice to the current employees...be firm, be clear, but don't be mean...there is a VERY fine line between being a complete jerk, and being a good sales rep...I was a top rep at QR, and when I frist started, I thought if I was mean (like some of my co-workers) that I would get to the top...well I was wrong...When I was mean I would get hung up on, cussed out, threatened, led on and then hung up when transferring them to verif. or it would get canceld when I got my numbers back (cust. canceled the program/cc before receiving it). So, again, learn from the ones who have been there for years...they are not mean...just firm.Cheryl the owner....(I and 99% of the employees do not/did not know her personally) She would occasionally come into the office, in her 6 inch Christian Louboutin's, black skin tight capris, and breast baring top, act all high and mighty, and walk out....I think if she spent more time in the employees shoes, things would be different. I don't know about now, but at the time I worked there she own and ran several companies, one being a well known limo service in the Tampa Bay area. Now, for the actual product/package they are sellling you...The 40$ gas voucher IS legit, BUT there is a catch (duh) you buy your gas, mail a reciept in, and get 10$ back. You are allowed to do this once every 3 months. If you cancel your savings program (or w/e program they are selling) you can no longer use the gas vouchers. The discount shoppers program, is also legit, BUT again there is a catch...Basically, if you shop at the places that are part of the program, than it WILL save you money...I actually had the program during the entire time I worked there, and used it to save money eating out (mainly)..for example, you can go online and buy a 100$ gift card to outback steakhouse, and only pay 60$ for it...so since I eat there, instead of spending 100$ I can pay 60$...So, if you think about it, you are paying 19.95 a month, getting a 100$ gift card for 40$, you are saving 20$. Most people who have the program use it for way more things than just a gift card to dine out, but even if you just use it for that, hopefully you can see that it really is worth it.I appologize for the extremely long post, but I read through all 37 pages, and all the comments were either by outraged people receiving these calls, or employees cursing, and/or saying how stupid everyone is for not listening...SO, while their are things being done incorrectly by both Quality Resources' employees and by the ''customers'' being called, I hope that Ive provided some insight into the company, and the way things work...I also hope that I have put some of you at ease, that you do not need to go cancel your CC and/or scream like a crazy person at the people calling you....It is as simple as not buying things off the tv/internet, or making sure you tell them not to give out your info, OR answer the call the first time (not after being called 3000 times in a month) and ask to be put on the DNC list, then waiting around a week for it to go through (I forgot to add, that if after a week or so, they keep calling, then feel free to contact the BBB or FTC)...OR go ahead and purchase the discount program, see if its something that would save you/your family money, and if so, use it, and if not, cancel it. It really is that simple. I would also like to add that it has been years since I was an employee of QR, and I did not leave on bad terms...I did question the ethics of the company (not that I thought things were being done illegally, but just the sales tactics...which by the way, obviously work), but I had an ''OK'' experience working there...it was a job, and not a career...I made more money than I new what to do with (I was a teenager), and was able to work through school, but also had mixed feelings about having to be so pushy, and in the back of my mind knowing that I was charging someones grandmaw up 19.95 a month, without her realizing it...So again, it is/was a job for me, and for the people working there now...it is not a career, and the people who work there have to decide for themselves if they can morally do it...Same with abortion doctors, cigarette companies, etc... I also have ZERO affiliation with the company or anyone who works there, so this is a completely unbiased ''review'' of the way the company is run, my experience with it, and what people should do in order to not be called, cancel their membership, or be put on the National Do Not Call List. Hope this helps!
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    Give us more details and include your social, drivers number and your mothers maiden name.......dipschitt~
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None Ya
    Your a self centered f*** wad and nobody cares how much money you make....you no how much time u waste that belong to others ...you shallow minded empty dumb a**...i mean that with love f*** stick.
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    well i just had this number call me twice...no one was on the other line...the call only lasted 13 seconds and all i got was an automated "goodbye" before the call ended. I didnt get any scammers or telemarketers bugging me about info. has anyone else had this happen to them?
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    well sorry guys you had to deal with that well there location is 19321 us 19 north clearwater fl the numbers to call them is 727-669-2242 ask for the owner this people are a** hol3 any way
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    THIS IS A SCAM!!!!I know exactly how they got my number. I called and ordered hydroxatone face cream a few months ago after hearing an add on the radio for a free 30 day trial. It was an automated phone recording, so when I learned that it was NOT free, I kept screaming into the phone "NO" I am not intrested, but the recording kept going. Sadly, I said "no" after I gave my credit card info because as soon as I punched in my credit card info is when I learned it was not a "free" trial. The recording continued and even offered me a free $40.00 gas card, walmart card, ect... with one of thier marketing partners...I kept saying "NO, NO, NO, DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING!"  Sure enough, days later, the hydroxatone cream arrived...3 bottles of it along with a bill of a couple hundred dollars. I went through hell and back getting that mess cleared up, in the meantime, I canceled that credit card because after I did the research I learned that this company will continue to bill your credit card because that so called "free" trial was actually a automated shipping ordeal that I never heard of until then.When this 727 phone number called and offered the same 40.00 gas card, I asked for what? They said they were with the credit card company offering this to all thier customers. They said, you recently used your credit card number ending in xxxx, right? WRONG! I canceled that months ago, and if they were with the credit card company, they would know that! This is a SCAM, and so is HYDROXATONE WRINKLE CREAM!!!
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    I want these calls to STOP!  I am fed up with the 35 + calls I receive EVERY 20 mins all day long from thier "customer reps" STOP NOW ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  ! ! ! ! !
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    Thanks, The address you posted is really helpful in the claims I am filing today with the Federal Better Business Bureau and the horrasment claims being filed with the st. police.  Thanks for posting it!  : )
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