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    called and left message and voice picked up number that called 801 406 9071 as I was on phone this person called again they said their from Ebay and ask for my husband as I was getting my hubby up from a nap because he has to work late nights this guy need to speak to my hubby like now so as I was trying to get hubby up this guy was being a jerk and being rude by acting like he was annoyed I got smart with this a** hole I told him if he's going to act like a jerk and be rude I was going to hang up he start yelling at me and asking how old am I I said it's none of your business and I told him if he were a real profess he would not act so rude I deal with business people every day and none of those people act like this their very under standing and welling to work with you or their nice and ask you to have the person their looking for to call back later and is very nice about it so I know this dumb a** is a scam how he was talking to me and how demanding he was to talk to my husband I think that was very rude of him to ask me how I am like I'm really going to tell him if he is that rude and acting really demanding I know he he's not no person like he says he is he acted like a freak trying to scam for money what the hell get a real life job stop calling people and robbing people get a life losers please stop calling I called FIB ha ha your in deep s**t a** hole you better run and hide their going to catch you ha ha my phone is taped by FIB to catch a** holes like you ha ha YOU JUST GOT CAUGHT don't worry your going bye bye a** holes see ya in prison with no time your going to get life for going fraud dumb a** and much more that's added on your record ha ha we all know what else your doing so give it up and turn your self in before you make it worse for your self stupid dumb a** your messing with the wrong person I know people and who to call when I get call like this ha ha ha YOUR CAUGHT NOW give it up
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