Did you get a call from 866-374-4849 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
Update Time:2009/5/28 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    I just got the call today as well. 5/28/2009.  They left no message on my phone.
Update Time:2009/4/30 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    This is a socilitating companyWHen they called & didn't leave message on answer machine, it was so noisy in the background that you could heal tons of other solicitors talking on phones in the background.
Update Time:2009/4/27 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    No response when I answer
Update Time:2009/4/25 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Ron L
    I'm receiving almost daily calls from these types of telephone numbers alerting me that the warranty will soon expire on one of my vehicles.  The telephone recording ask me enter #1 if I want to speak with a person concerning me not letting this warranty expire.  I have on several occassions entered #1 and when an operator/sales person answers I ask them which one of my vehicles is the warranty going to expire on.  They try to get me to tell them what vehicles I own and I always say, "If you know which vehicle the warranty is going to expire on then why are you asking me to tell you what vehicles I have"?.  They always hang up at this point with me screaming into the telephone that I am on the no call listing and for them not to call me again.  I thought if a person had their telephone numbers listed on the no call listing then that would prevent these type of companies from calling.  No way!  They continue to call daily.  I've submitted these numbers to donotcall.gov and other agencies but that does not seem to prevent them from calling.  What is the purpose of having the do not call listing if nothing can be done to prevent these nuts from calling every day?  Anyone, please let me know if you know a solutin to this problem.
Update Time:2009/4/14 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    called and no one said anything, several times
Update Time:2009/4/5 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    setting the phone to ignore unknown callers isn't working on this one.
Update Time:2009/3/6 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    grand crown vip some kind of branson vacation deal
Update Time:2009/2/26 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Rural MO
    No answer when I picked up the phone
Update Time:2009/2/26 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
Rural MO
    No answer when I picked up the phone
Update Time:2009/2/20 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    i got the call too.
Update Time:2009/2/18 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    asked for my parents...
Update Time:2009/1/24 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    When I answered, nobody replied.
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