Did you get a call from 866-519-1114 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
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800 Tracker
    Be very careful before you follow any advice from Debt Crippler.  I had never heard the term "allodial title" so I googled it.  Apparently it is a way to say that your ownership of land supercededs the claims of all other parties, including the government.  Meaning you don't owe property taxes.If you make a claim like that your court fees and lawyer fees will probably be much higher than your property taxes.  I'm in the US.  Canadian laws may be much different.  But I wouldn't risk trying it in either country.
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debt crippler
    heres a thought. a group of us across the country are into redemption process . such processes includeremoval from the property tax paroll by obtaining allodial title of the landreimbursement of all the taxes taken from you salarycommercial lienscommon law liens ( this protects your down payment on your home in the event the banks foreclose on you)de registering your vehicle with the province and issuing documents to prove your "common law right to travel"cancelling student loans with the consolidated revenue fund.challenging collection agencies on fraudulent debt collection. this process is being aplpied by me and i have had success. i was able to get judgements off ppl's credit bureau and they were able to get fresh credit cards, mortgages etc. the laws are there to help you but if you dont know how to administer it, you are left in the dust. if you and your friends are stuck in a dilema wth collection agencies, contact me and i may be able to assist you.i am in toronto.roger@mail2millionaire.comemail me and i will give you the rest of my info
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    Said he was from ARO and that he had good news. Never heard of him or ARO.
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    he phoned then hung up, and shortly after i was hearing elevator music. It drove me nuts, I think it might have been some crank call.
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eskiefo delungu
    ARO calling wants personal info, dont answer ,dont call could be fraud @ work beware!
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Hate Collections
    They called me as well. Asked me to verify my address, at that point i hung up on them because they did not identify who they were.  Screw them, they will have to find me.
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    866-519-1114   ARO collection agency.
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    asking about my father info
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800 Tracker
    Getting about a half-dozen calls per day, for a roommate who moved out about a year ago. Call Display doesn't show IDfrom their website;http://www.aro.caCorporate Head Office1001 Sherbrooke East, office 700 Montreal, QuebecH2L 1L3Phone: (514) 322-1414Toll free: (877) 322-1414Facsimile: (514) 322-5554Toll free: 1-866-253-5554 e-mail: manager.montreal@aro.caARO Inc. (ARO), headquartered, in Montreal Quebec was formed with one specific objective: to provide consumer, government and commercial credit grantors with the best third party collection service possible Operating in highly competitive marketplace, aro recognized that in order to set itself apart from its competitors and grow its business, it must bring to the table a unique value added service.
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