Did you get a call from 920-482-4746 ?Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.
Update Time:2010/8/23 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Been getting calls a couple of times a day!  Will not leave a message!  Getting pretty tired of getting this call all the time!  What can be done to get my number off their list?
Update Time:2010/8/16 5:29:03 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    This number has called my work number # everyday for the past 2 weeks. They do not leave a message. Why, if they are trying to get a hold of me, don't they just leave a message identifying themselves and for me to call them back?
Update Time:2010/1/14 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    They have been calling our (unlisted) home phone # several times a day for weeks now. The caller ID says "Wisconsin Call". When my husband has answered calls from this #, they ask for me by name and refuse to leave a message with him. I was going to return the call to see who it was, but decided to look online first. Glad I did.
Update Time:2009/12/21 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Calls and asks for husband by first name only.When I offer to take a message, the reply is "there is no message maam".  Don't know who they are but they call once with repeated calls after that and then it stops for a while.  Pesty to say the least
Update Time:2009/12/15 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Repeated calls, no message.  My guess is that it is a company acting as a political fundraiser - in our case, probably democratic.   I believe that, being from a non-profit, political calls are not covered by no call lists (although they should be).
Update Time:2009/10/22 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    920-482-4746 has been calling us for years. Sometimes months on end. We never answer.   Then for awhile they stop calling.  I have reported these calls to the state of Wisconsin as we are on the "no call" list and all they do is send us brochures and refuse to follow up.
Update Time:2008/8/23 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    If you call the number you will find out that it is a call office used for political uses.  I believe it to be the Union on behalf of Nobama. Oh, sorry, Obama.
Update Time:2008/8/15 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    920-482-4746   Has been calling for months several times a day -- hangs on line but does not leave message.  We are on No-Call list. This is annoying at the least harassment if it continues.
Update Time:2008/7/29 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    They ask for the man of the house. Say they are the union calling to speak to him.
Update Time:2008/7/28 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    920-482-4746 has called my home daily for 5 consecutive months.They will not leave a message so I assume its a salesperson who is in violation of the "no call" list.    I called the state about this and other numbers in violation and all they did was send me brochures and offered no help and no solutions.
Update Time:2008/2/27 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    It's a land line number in Manitowoc, WI. The phone company that owns that number is Us Xchange Of Wisconsin Llc, doing business as Choice One Communications. No idea who has that specific number though.
Update Time:2008/2/21 0:00:00 | Call Type:Other WebSite
    Who is the owner?
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